Exploratory & Elective Course Offerings

Advanced Orchestra - Year Long


Beginning Band - Year Long


Choir - Year Long

Choir is a year long course that focuses on strong vocal technique, ensemble work and camaraderie, while experiencing a wide variety of musical styles, genres, cultures, and composers. Music reading abilities will be strengthened and while the majority of singing will be as a large group, some solo and small ensemble opportunities will be provided occasionally for those who would enjoy that option.

Concert Band - Year Long


Current Events - Trimester Long

This class is designed to provide students with an age appropriate opportunity to discuss, understand, and explore local, national, international, political, economic and social issues in a non-threatening, respectful, meaningful, and active way. Throughout the term, students will stay up to date on current issues and trends. Because the subject of this class is “contemporary,” topics will vary considerably depending on the current news cycle.

Exploring Computer Science - Trimester Long

Exploring Computer Science is an introductory computer science course that empowers students to create authentic artifacts and engage with computer science as a medium for creativity, communication, problem solving, and fun. The course takes a wide lens on computer science by covering topics such as programming, physical computing, HTML/CSS, and data. The course inspires students as they build their own websites, apps, games, and physical computing devices.

Family & Consumer Science - Trimester Long

Family & Consumer Science is an activity-oriented class that focuses on helping students develop and apply important life skills for independent living.  The units may include: cooking, sewing, child development, careers and personal finance. The cooking unit will teach students how to be safe in the kitchen, cook delicious food and cooking techniques.  During the sewing unit the students will learn how to repair clothing and create a sewing project using the sewing machine.  The child development unit will teach students the importance of how children grow and develop.  In the career unit the students will explore various career paths. Finally, the personal finance unit will help students understand the importance of saving and what and how does credit work.  

Foods & Nutrition - Trimester Long

This course will prepare students to understand the principles of nutrition in relationship with wellness and lifetime fitness.  They will study nutrition, food choices across the lifespan, food preparation, safety and sanitation, meal planning and budgeting.  Students will participate in following lab procedures and practice lab management as they cook throughout the trimester. 

Lifetime Fitness - Trimester Long

The purpose of this course is to introduce students to a variety of physical activities. Lifetime Fitness course offers weight training and a variety of recreational and sport related activities. Individual workouts will be set up for each student to improve upon strength, flexibility, endurance and participate in individual and team tournaments. In this program, the emphasis is on lifetime activities, appropriate dress, respect, active participation, sportsmanship, fair play, cooperation and a positive attitude. Individual fitness levels are assessed throughout the trimester and structured workouts are organized giving students the opportunity to set and achieve personal success.

Mechanics of Engineering 1 - Trimester Long

In this course students will be able to design and develop ideas utilizing the engineering framework. They will take part in several engineering challenges, where they will utilize technology, common hand tools, and power tools, to take their ideas from the design stage all the way to the development and testing stages. Such projects may include balsa bridges/towers, wood-working projects, and CO2 cars. 

Orchestra - Year Long


Photography - Trimester Long

This course exposes students to various techniques of taking artistic photographs as well as digital tools. Students learn about the operation of a camera, composition, lighting techniques, and various tools used within digital photography to creatively manipulate an image. The class will provide cameras for students, and they may use their own cameras as well. As students advance, the instruction regarding the creative process becomes more refined, and students are encouraged to develop their own artistic style. This course may also cover major photographers, art movements, and styles. 

Physical Education - Trimester Long

The benefits of a sound, healthy body is evident in everything we do and the connection between academic performance and physical fitness is well documented. Physical Education is designed to develop and maintain life-long health and fitness goals.  Students record daily fitness activities (pedometers/heart rate monitors), study health-related issues, and work at becoming more successful in and out of school.  This course offers a variety of activities including individual sports, team sports, lifetime sports, weight training, and recreational games. 

Publication Production (8) - Year Long

**Application and teacher approval is required for this course. In this full year course, which is held during Advisement, students will learn layout methods, graphic design, photography skills, and basic computer technology in designing the Ken Caryl Yearbook. In addition, students will gain a foundation of basic journalism through researching, interviewing, and writing for publication.  

Spanish I (7/8) - Year Long

** Teacher approval is required for this course. This course fosters the students' understanding and appreciation of the Spanish language and culture. Emphasis is placed on developing the students' proficiency in speaking, reading and writing in Spanish. No previous Spanish experience is required. This course is rigorous and the workload is comparable to a core class. It is fast-paced and similar to a high school course to ensure students are prepared to move on in Spanish at the high school level.

Spanish II (8) - Year Long

**Teacher approval is required for this course. This course furthers students' studies of Spanish. Emphasis will be on the continued development of the students' proficiency in speaking, listening, reading and writing. Topics covered include clothing, the house, city, travel and daily routine. Grammar topics include commands, reflexive verbs and past tense. 

Symphonic Band - Year Long


Theater Arts - Trimester Long

Theater Arts is an introduction to basic acting, vocabulary, stage terminology, vocal technique, and a bit of history. Students in the class play lots of games to work on reaction, and focus skills, since actors rely on these tools to perform their roles. Students perform only for their own class, and early on the performances are more like games. Eventually students create and perform pantomimed scenes with partners, work on monologues and two person scene work.

Visual Arts - Trimester Long

This course provides students the foundational knowledge and opportunity to explore a variety of art forms and to create individual and collaborative works of art. This course will also provide a discussion and exploration of career opportunities in the art world and how creative thinking is used in professions outside of the arts. Visual Arts will cover the language, materials, and processes of multiple art forms and the design elements and principles supporting a work of art. Although Visual Arts focus on creation, it also includes the study of contemporary artist, visual culture and how students experiences reflect their artwork.  Story telling is a major theme and as such, students will have opportunity to tell their stories.

World Languages and Cultures - Trimester Long

This course offers a crash course in both Spanish and French in order to introduce languages and the idea of second language acquisition to students. This course will also explore cultures around the world using stories, videos, major events, food and art. This course may emphasize written words, vocabulary, speech patterns and grammar. 
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